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Ideological declaration:

Referring to the ideas of the Philomaths and Pillarets and the best traditions of Polish academic corporations, Academic Corporation “Magna-Polonia” adopts the following principles:

  1. Religio – the corporate lives the Christian faith and in its conduct is guided by the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church.
  2. Patria – the corporate is aware of the obligation to act for the common good and takes responsibility for the fate of the Republic of Poland.
  3. Scientia – the corporate strives to deepen its knowledge and comprehensive development.
  4. Amicitia – the foundation of the Corporation is friendship, the Corporation binds its members for life.

Principles of the K! Magna-Polonia: Religio, Patria, Scientia and Amicita, can be interpreted as “good-goals” of particular importance. The period of active activity in the Corporation during studies is a time of deeper awareness of the importance of these goods and an attempt at intensive spiritual and intellectual development in a group of people who perceive the world in a similar way. The pursuit of these principles, although expressed in various ways, has been visible in Philomath ideals and corporate traditions since the beginning of the 19th century. Therefore, their realization in K! Magna-Polonia takes place while maintaining the organizational forms developed in the past.

The principle of Religio points to faith as the most important and fundamental good. The reality of which faith tells us is the condition for the correct understanding and implementation of all other principles. An important element of the life of a true Christian should be deepening the knowledge and understanding of faith and deepening its experience in the personal and social dimension. Faith is supposed to be a locus communis – a place where we all are standing with understanding to each other and from which we draw as the most important source.

The Patria Principle refers to our common roots, to the traditions and past that determine the value of every nation and every country. Homeland is a place where our lives are realized in a specific community and culture, in a specific “here and now”. Bearing in mind that with every behavior we create a contemporary image of our country, we should develop the perception of the homeland in terms of the common good, reliability and responsibility.

The Scientia principle is used to emphasize that solid and reliable studies are to prepare each of us for professional life. A corporation should be characterized by the pursuit of comprehensive intellectual development, constant work on oneself and learning critical and independent thinking. An element complementing the principle of scientia is also formation in the field of developing aesthetic values, in particular through active participation in cultural life.

The Amicita principle says that we want to be for others and with others. It reminds us that only in the community, in the circle of true friends, we can fully realize ourselves. The friendship between us is demanding, based on solidarity and willingness to help each other. This friendship is based on shared views and values ​​that unite us and prevent us from being vainly focused on each other.

Statute of Magna Polonia (in Polish)