History of Magna Polonia

The history of the oldest academic corporation in Poznań K! Magna-Polonia dates back to March 13, 1920, when on the initiative of two students of philosophy of the then Piast University (now the University) – Franciszek Bohm and Leon Wojtaszewski – an ideological and educational organization called “Koło Polonia” was established, modeled on the German Burschenschafts.

“Koło Polonia” found fertile ground and, from the very beginning, met with great interest among students. It can be safely argued that this organization prevented the creation of a severe gap in the life of the young, because existing only since 1919, Poznań academic center would be lack of a student association of a Christian and patriotic character, and at the same time apolitical.

Soon after its establishment, “Koło Polonia” established contacts with “Konwent Polonia”, established in Dorpat, and then moved to Vilnius, where it was active. The revival of these contacts made it possible to notice numerous similarities in terms of ideology and tasks that both associations set for themselves. This resulted in the signing of the so-called Unification Act on March 17, 1921, establishing K! Polonia with equal authorities (convents) in Vilnius and Poznań. academic corporation, mainly due to the significant distance between the University of Poznań and the Stefan Batory University in Vilnius. Problems with maintaining the unity of action led to the Convention in Vilnius on February 8, 1924 proposing to cancel the previously concluded Act of Unification. After quite long discussions, in which was also joined by the Polish Association Academic Corporations, an appropriate agreement was signed between the Poznań and Vilnius Conventions. As a result, by the act of June 24, 1928, the Poznań Convention (operating since 1924 as K! Polonia-Posnaniensis) adopted the name K! Magna Polonia with seniority (i.e. established date of creation) from 1920.