More about us

Taking care of the spiritual and intellectual development of our members, we organize discussions or workshops once a week. We discuss religious, philosophical, ethical, political, social and economic issues.

Our goal is not only to acquire knowledge, but also to develop an attitude of responsibility for the common good and for other people. We want to be people with open minds (just like the Philomates and Philaretes, whose traditions we refer to).

Remembering that studies are the last years of youth, we regularly organize social meetings in the form of colorful feasts with ancient student customs. We also organize holiday escapades. Last year we were in the Tatra Mountains; But that’s not the end!!!

Academic corporations are associations of students and graduates of universities. Their roots date back to medieval times. Students coming from the same area formed the so-called nationes (nations). Members of a specific nation wore clothes that distinguished them from the rest and had their own customs and rituals. Over time, nations transformed into compatriots, and in the early 19th century, they transformed into modern corporations. The first Polish corporations were established during the partition period at universities in Berlin, Wrocław, Vienna, Dorpat, Riga and St. Petersburg. The oldest of them was founded in 1828 in Dorpat by the Philomati and Filaretes who came from Lithuania. After regaining independence in 1918, old corporations moved their headquarters to Poland, and the corporate movement spread to all university centers. About 200 new corporations were then established, differing in traditions, customs and ideological views. After the war, for political reasons, it was impossible to recreate the corporate movement, although pre-war members of the corporation maintained lively social contacts and maintained the corporate tradition throughout this period. The situation changed only after 1989. Currently, there are over a dozen corporations operating in Poland.

The Magna-Polonia Corporation was founded on March 13, 1920 in Poznań and significantly contributed to the development of the corporate movement in our city in the interwar period. Two hundred students passed through its ranks and they founded five other corporations. Our members included many distinguished people for our city: university professors, social activists, politicians, lawyers and doctors. The rector of the Theological Seminary in Poznań, Fr., was also a Polonus. Kazimierz Rolewski, whose beatification process has been ongoing in Rome since 1965.

Thanks to the efforts of the late Zygfryd Kordus, a pre-war MP corporator – on March 13, 2004, i.e. on the 84th Anniversary of the Uprising, the Magna-Polonia Academic Corporation was reactivated. After only half a year of operation, the Corporation had about 25 members, mainly students of law, medicine and computer science. Today, the Corporation has even more members and does not stop in its activities, which measurably leads to an increase in the number of members in K!