Glossary of corporate terms

  1. Sash (pol. “Banda”): a one-, two- or three-colored sash worn by corporators from one side to the other. The width of the bands depended on the occasion during which they were used (usually: tailcoat bands – approx. 10 mm, everyday bands – approx. 20-30 mm, commercial bands – approx. 50 mm).
  2. c.: coetus – year of admission to the corporation
  3. C!: comiliton, komiliton (Latin: “comrade in arms”) – 1. a full-fledged member of the corporation (also known as knight, dyer), 2. polite phrase used in contacts between corporators, equivalent of the phrase “Mr.”
  4. Compasses (pol. “cyrkiel”): a monogram with stylized letters V, C and F (from the first letters of the Latin motto “Vivat, Crescat, Floreat”, i.e. “Let it live, grow and flourish”), the first letter of the name of a given corporation and an exclamation mark. Depending on corporate tradition, compasses in the form of metal badges were worn on the lapel of a jacket, on a band or on a cap.
  5. Cap (pol. “dekiel”): corporate cap with a rim in the colors of a given corporation and a characteristic symbol embroidered on the top
  6. Fidułka (pol.): (also known as sobótka, pub) – a cheerful meeting with singing and drinking beer (less often other drinks)
  7. F!: philistine (also known as senior, old thatch) – a member of a corporation after graduating from university
  8. f: fluke (pol. “fuks”) (also known as squire, smyk, renons) – a disabled member of the corporation in the initial period of membership in the corporation
  9. K!: academic corporation
  10. Philistine circle (pol. “Koło Filistrów)”: an association bringing together all the philistines of a given corporation
  11. Komers: the most ceremonial corporate meeting, usually on the occasion of the anniversary of the organization’s establishment
  12. Monastery (pol. “konwent)”:
    • synonym of the term “corporation”
    • the highest authority in a corporation, a body consisting of all full members of the corporation
  13. Lodging (pol. kwatera): Corporate headquarters
  14. Olderman: tutor of flukes and candidates
  15. Rapir (pol.): a representative melee weapon used by corporators
  16. Stitching (pol. “sztychowanie”): A corporate rite in which two members of a corporation vow to maintain friendship for the rest of their lives. It involves piercing each other’s corporate hats with rapiras. After the ceremony, the engraved people exchange pieces of their bands, which are then sewn into the hole created after piercing the lid).
  17. ZPKA: Association of Polish Academic Corporations (pol. “Związek Polskich Korporacji Akademickich”)

Source:, state for 5 I 2011 y